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စာအုပ္ႏွင့္ Series မ်ားတြင္ ပါဝင္သည့္ သုေတသနစာတမ္းမ်ား

Sr Names of  the Authors Name of  the  Book/
Series ISBN number
Title of  Research Article Year Volume* Page** Name of the Published Organization
1 Dr.Naychi Lai  Lai Thein Ontology Based  Information Integration
From Unstructuret Documents
2004 International Conference on Internet  Information Retrieval (ICIIR 2004)
2 Ontology Based  Semantic Information
2004 International Conference on
Computer Applications (ICCA)
3 Rule  Based Adaptive Information Extraction from Web Related Text 2005 International Conference on
Computer Applications(ICCA)
4 Ontology Based   Extraction and Integration  of Information from Unstructured Documents 2005 International Conference on
Enterprise Information System
5 Rule Based  Learning of  Information Extraction from Unstructured Documents May
International Conference on  Web  Based  Information  System and Technology (WEBIST)
6 Rule Based  Learning of  Information Extraction  System  for  Web Related Text 2005 International Conference on
ASEAN Scientific(ASTW) Innovative
ASEAN : Creating  ASEAN Competitiveness through Innnovation,
Science and Technology
7 Annotation and Adaptability of Semantic Portal for Detecting News Alerts December
International Conference on
Intelligent Pervasive Computing
8 Developing Web Portal for Tourism Information Service January
e-Case and e- Technology
9 Annotation and Adaptability of Semantic Portal for Detecting News Alerts August
Journal of Computer and Communication
10 Automation of Ontology Development form Domain Specific Concept Taxonomy May
ICCCE 2010 / IEEE Publish
11 Dr.Nan Si Kham Binary Search Techniques based Program
Test Data Generation
Multi Media University  lnternational Symposium on Information and Communication  Technologies (M2 USIC) 2005
12 Dr.Ei Ei Chaw Multi Agent based Medical Diagnosis System Nov
13 A Framework for Multi agent based Medical Diagnosis System 2009 67-72 ICCA  2009
14 Applying Naïve Bayesian Classification
to Multi Agent Based Medical Diagnosis System
2010 39-46 ICCA 2010
15 Dr.Khine  Khine Zin ISBN 978-1-4244-5754-0 Part of Speech Tagging for Myanmar Using Hidden Markov Model 2009 6 IEEE, Dubai Woman’s College, Dubai, UAE
16 ISBN 978-960-474-146-5 Hidden Markov Model with Rule Based Approach for Part of Speech Tagging of Myanmar Language 2009 6 WSEAS (World Scientific and Engineering Academy and Society)
17 Dr.Hnin Wint Khaing ISBN 978-1-61284-839-6 Data Mining based Fragmentation and Prediction of Medical Data March
ICCRD, IEEE Shanghai, China ,2011
18 ISBN 978-974-337-2254 A New clustering Algorithm for Innovative Management  System December
ICIIM, Bangkok , Thailand ,2012
19 Daw Aye Aye New Encrypto- Stegano Stealth With Image Carriers December
20 Dr.Pwint Hay Mar Lwin Query Dependent Ranking for Information Retrieval Based on Query Clustering January
2 25-30 International Journal of Informatics and Communication Technology
21 Dr.Wint War Oo ISSN 2278-0181 CBAODV:Effective Content-based QoS Routing Protocol with Redundant Path for Multimedia Applications in MANET August
Issue 8
2716-2721 International Journal of Engineering  Research & Technology
22 ISSN 978-93-82242-85-7 Enhanced AODV for Providing QoS of Multimedia Application in MANET March
242-248 Proceedings      of       International Conference   on    Advances        in Engineering and  Technology (ICAET’ 2014 Singapore)
23 ISSN 2319-8885 A Multi-path   Routing   Optimization  in MANET  for  Guaranteeing  Bandwidth  for Real-Time  Application November
Issue 35
6964-6973 International Journal of Scientific Engineering  Technology Research
24 Dr.Zar Li Htun ISSN 2391-1058 A Trust   Aware Recommender System Based on Implicit Trust Extraction February
Issue 1
271-276 International Journal of Innovations in Engineering and  Technology (IJIET)’
25 ISBN 978-93-82242-
Topic-based Resourses Recommendation March
281-285 International  Conference on Advanced Engineering and  Technology (ICAET)
26 ISSN:2394-0840 September
1-11 Machine Learning  and Application: An  International Journal (MLIJ)
27 Dr.Khin Khattar Myint An Alternative approach for Hybrid Intrusion Detection System February
Issue 2
7-10 IJAECS (2016)
28 Daw Thet Thet Htwe 15th International Conference on
Computer Applications 2017
Hybrid Intrusion Detection System
for Advanced Threats
2017 University of Computer Studies,Yangon
29 Daw Aye Aye Mar Proceedings of the 1st Interantional
Conference on Advance Information
Technology ( ICAIT 2017)
Domain-specific Sentiment Dictionary
Construction for Sentiment Classification
2017 _ 87- 92 University of Information Technology
30  Daw May Thae Naing The 1st International Conference on
Advanced Information Technologies
(ICAIT 2017)
Availability Modelling for SDN switch
in Cloud based Infrastructure
2017 _ 176 University of Information Technology
31 Daw Mi Swe Zar Thu 15th International ConferenceOn
Computer Applications(ICCA, 2017)
Computation Offloading Decision
in Mobile Cloud Computing:
Challenges of Mobile Decisions
2017 _ University of Computer Studies,Yangon
32 Daw Dim Lam Cing 15th International Conference on
Computer Applications,2017
A Probabilistic Language Model for Joint
Myanmar Morphological Segmentation
and Part-of-Speech(POS) tagging
2017 _ University of Computer Studies,Yangon
33 Daw Ei Thwe Khaing ICAIT 2017(The 1st International Conference on Advance Information
Efficient Classification of
Concept Drift in Data Stream
2017 _ University of Information Technology
34 Daw Khin Su Mon Myint ICAIT  2017  Proceedings  of  the
1st   International  Conference  on Advanced  Information  Technology (ICAIT)/ ISBN 978-99971-0-380-2
Analysis of Historical Census
Household  data
2017 _ 70-75 University of Information Technology
35 Daw Myat Nandar Oo Proceeding of the 15th International
Conference on Computer Application (ICCA)
Forensic Investigation on Hadoop
Hortonworks Data Platform
2017 Vol. 33 University of Computer Studies,Yangon
36 Proceeding of the 1st International
Conference on Advance Information
Forensic Analysis of Residual Artifacts on
CDH Storage
2017 Vol. 15No. 9 193-203 University of Computer Studies,Yangon
37 Daw Nan Haymarn Oo 15th International Conference on
Computer Applications 2017
Firewall Applicatoin for ONOS SDN
2017 391-397 University of Computer Studies, Yangon
38 1st International Conference on
Advanced Information Technology
Stateful Firewall Application on Software
Defined Networking
2017 39-45 University of Information Technology

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