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Nanotechnology Research Department

Nanotechnology Research Department

Nanotechnology Research Department

In nanotechnology research department, many researches based on the important high-quality materials, metals, alloys and nanomaterials, preparation of carbon nanotube, purification of water, treatment of wastewater, preparation of ultraviolet cover materials, preparation of nanoparticles for electronic devices have been carried out for research and development works to develop the national socioeconomic, renewable energy sector and small and medium enterprise sector.

Research Focus Area

  1. Preparation of nanoparticles for sensor and solar cell application
  2. Green synthesis of nanoparticles for environmental application
  3. Preparation of nano-composites for the wastewater treatments and water purification
  4. Preparation of nanocatalyst
  5. Synthesis of nanoparticles for nano-cosmetic

Current Researches

Development of Nano-composite materials for Environmental Application

  1. Synthesis of antibacterial nano-composite for ceramic water filter
  2. Synthesis and Characterization of Silver-silica nanocomposites
  3. Synthesis of Fe3O4 nanoparticles
  4. Application and Evaluation of Silver-Zeolite nanocomposite

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