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National Analytical Laboratory (NAL)

National Analytical Laboratory (NAL) was established in April, 2013 with the purposes to support the production of foods, machineries, environmental samples, raw materials, safety of public health and to provide development of the research activities, national economic sector and social sector.

After being instruments installation and application trainings, NAL was officially launched by the former Minister of Science and Technology on 6th October 2015.

Analyzing, identification, characterization and consultation services have being carried out by advanced analytical techniques in the field of environmental application and industrial application.


“To support advanced analytical services as an internationally recognized laboratory”


  • To support the development of the national economy by characterizing the foreign exports and imports in order to be international quality standard
  • To support the national economy by analyzing of natural resources for environmental sustainable development
  • To support the national economy by analyzing the pharmaceutical, food product, water resources for public safety and quality control
  • To test and evaluate the factories, buildings and machine parts by using non destructive testing techniques
  • To support as PT organizer in implementation of international standardized laboratories
  • To collaborate with national laboratories for laboratory networking activities

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