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At present, Intellectual Property Department is under the Department of Research and Innovation, Ministry of Education. It implements to emerge Intellectual Property Laws and plans to administer these IP laws after promulgating by undertaking the staff trainings to be skillful and quality for the future IP Office.

Myanmar has been carrying out to establish new IPR system with the following mission through:

(a) To promote the capability for innovation and creation by legally protecting inventors, creators and authors’ intellectual property rights

(b) To develop national economy by securely investing the job opportunities related the intellectual property rights

(c)  To increase the development of local and foreign direct investment and trade

(d) To preserve the genetic resources, traditional knowledge, innovations and practices of indigenous and local community

(e) To implement the rights and obligations as described in international conventions and treaties

New IP laws (draft) such as Patent, Industrial Design, Trademark and Copyright which are in line with TRIPs agreement, have been trying to promulgate since 2013. Currently, these laws have been already approved by the Upper Parliament.

IP Policy and Strategy has also been drafted in order to implement the IP Laws which can support to encourage the socio-economic development of the nation.

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