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Establishment of Electronic Technology Research Centre

The Renewable Energy and Electronic Technology Research Center at Department of Research and Innovation (DRI) was founded on 1 April 2015 by allowing reconstitution as Department of Research and Innovation (DRI) instead of Myanma Science and Technology Research Department (MSTRD) with approval of Union Meeting No.(2/2015) held on 15 JAN 2015 of the President office of the Union of Myanmar.

The Electronic Technology Research Department was organized with 6 Branches as structural organization under the Renewable Energy and Electronic Technology Research Center.


To promote socio-economic of people by enhancing researches and innovation in Electronics Sector of the State


Conducting electronic research activities which support innovation in accordance with the cutting-edge of technology changes

Conducting collaborative researches and exchange programmes by linking with universities and research institutes from both local and foreign countries

Transferring of technology to industries for their development by undertaking demand oriented applied research based on the needs of industries in the nation

Providing training courses that can support human resource development of the nation by producing skillful electronic technicians

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