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About this project

These data and findings are the results of one-year research fellowship by ASEAN Science & technology fellow, Dr. Thein Min Htike (Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Yangon Technological University) hosted by DRI and supported by ASEAN Foundation through USAID.

Resource potential of four renewable energy resources were collected based on literature review. Installed capacity of renewable energy was collected through data survey and their map were generated.

Overall, results on current installed capacity has revealed that the gap between current installed renewable energy and the target. Therefore, appropriate and effective policy and planning is necessary to speed up renewable energy deployment in Myanmar. And this should be done based on properly collected evidences on the critical factors that should be considered from five multidimensional points of view: (i) research, infrastructure and curriculum, (ii) technological, (iii) policy and regulatory framework, (iv) social and environmental, (v) economic.

The survey questionnaires were prepared for renewable energy sectors of interest, with focus on different factors under each dimension. Questionnaires were then distributed to public and private sector as well as non-profit organization. Their responses were analyzed to evaluate critical factors that should be considered for faster renewable energy deployment and they are discussed each renewable energy source.

Based on questionnaire survey of different stakeholders: focal departments, private companies, universities, non-governmental organizations, this report has revealed critical dimensions and factors in each dimension.

Any organization can use data and findings for non-economic purpose. It is encouraged to use data and findings in evidence-based policy making. Citation should goes to Thein Min Htike, Research Fellow, ASEAN Science and Technology Fellowship 2018/2019, Department of Research and Innovation, Ministry of Education.


First of all, my sincere gratitude also goes to U Win Khaing Moe, Director General of the Department of Research and Innovation (DRI), Ministry of Education, for his insightful and valuable advice, suggestions and guidance during my fellowship in his department.

I would like to express my gratitude to Dr. Myint Thein, Rector of Yangon Technological University, for giving the permission to conduct this ASEAN Science and Technology Fellowship on Sustainable Energy.

I especially extend my gratitude to my supervisor Dr. Zaw Min Naing, Deputy Director General of DRI, for his continuous support, supervision, careful guidance throughout my fellowship, as well as invaluable inputs and comments on renewable energy deployment in Myanmar.

I also would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to the ASEAN and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)Foundation for the support and also the ASEAN Foundation for the implantation of the fellowship and giving close guidance and monitoring the progress.

I also would like to thank the government departments particularly the Department of Renewable Energy and Hydropower Implementation, the Ministry of Electricity and Energy, and Department of Rural Development, NGOs particularly the Renewable Energy Association Myanmar (REAM), as well as private companies for supporting required data and inputs to the fellowship.

Finally, I thank Paing Hein Soe, my research assistant for his indispensable contribution to this fellowship particularly in data collection and analysis as well as generating maps of installed capacity for renewable energy in Myanmar.

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