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Renewable sources of energy such as solar energy, small hydro power, wind energy and biomass energy have shown their growing importance in power generation in recent years. With massive infrastructure upgrades in the works and industrial demand rapidly expanding the energy market in Myanmar is currently one of the more promising ones in the world. The country is in great need of electricity generation capacity and must completely overhaul its transmission and distribution system. Its energy gap Myanmar has significant domestic resources available. So Department of Research and Innovation (DRI) is undertaking the focal point for development of renewable energy. Formally DRI is under the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) now under the Ministry of Education. The main purpose of opening renewable energy research department is to contribute knowledge, special skill and to come out technicians in renewable energy fields. Moreover, it is to provide in government policy that is supporting electricity and eliminating poverty in rural areas.


To promote the development of renewable energies as the national economic development to ensure energy security, sustain socio-economic development, and enhance environmental and social sustainability.


To enhance the doing research, human resource development and collaboration with international organizations concerning renewable energy


-To enhance research and development for renewable energy technologies

-To contribute the practical training on renewable energy technologies and applications

-To transfer the technology

-To provide the testing service on the development of standard and market

-To promote the collaboration with international organizations

-To conduct the national renewable energy policy and legal framework

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