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Brief History

Research is indispensable for the development of science and technology and it plays an important role for the national economic and social development. Myanma Scientific and Technological Research Department (MSTRD) was founded since 1947 under the name of the State Industrial Research Institute (SIRI).

1947: State Industrial Research Institute was founded with the Metallurgy, Cellulose and Analytical Chemistry Research Department.

1954: To extend and reorganize the SIRI, the Union of Burma Applied Research Institute (UBARI) Act was Drawn and it was enacted on 5 th March,1995. The Technical Information Centre (TIC) and Atomic Energy Centre (AEC) were added to (UBARI).

1973: On 26 th June, 1973, UBARI was reorganized as the Central Research Organization (CRO).

1975: Polymer Research Department was added to the Central Research Organization (CRO).

1994: On 7 th June, 1994, Science and Technology Development Law was enacted by the Government and UBARI Act, 1954 was hereby repealed to this law, CRO was reorganized as Myanma Scientific and Technological Research Department(MSTRD).

1996: On 2 nd Oct, 1996, Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) was formed by the Government and MSTRD was the sole department under the MOST at that time.

1998: On 1 st April, 1998, Pilot Plan Complex (Hmawbi) was transferred from Ministry of Industry No(1) to Ministry of Science and Technology and to under the MSTRD.

2003: On 1 st April, 2003, Pilot Plan Complex (Hmawbi) was transferred from Myanma Scientific and Technology Research Department to Department of Technology Promotion and Coordination.

2012; On 2012 Pilot Plant Complex (Hmawbi) was transferred from Department of Technology Promotion and Coordination to Myanma Scientific and Technological Research Department.

2015: Myanma Scientific and Technological Research Department (MSTRD) was reorganized as Department of Research and Innovation (DRI)

2016: On 1st April of 2016, DRI was transferred to Ministry of Education.


(a)To conduct research and innovation activities in Renewable Energy Sector, Electronic Technology sector , Chemical Technology sector , Bio-technology sector , Advanced Materials Science sector and the Information and Communication Technology sector for supporting the development of economic and social life s,

(b)To strengthen National Quality Infrastructure for supporting the development of  Economic and Trade .

(c) To conduct the establishment of   Intellectual Property (IP)system for supporting the development of Economic and Cultural.

(d) To conduct testing services by advanced Laboratories for supporting Health, Education and Environmental Conservation.

(e) To cooperate with Universities and Industries.

(f) To cooperate with local and international organizations in technology sectors.


To conduct R&D and services activities as key driver with  Science, Technology and Innovation.


  1. To implement development activities and carry out technology transfer & delivery issues concerned with science, technology and innovation for the nation
  2. To implement standardization, accreditation and metrology development activities.
  3. To establish and promote Intellectual Property (IP)system in Myanmar
  4. To be graded and accurate analysis works on laboratory testing & services


  1. To promulgate Law on Standardization for the development of Standardization, Accreditation.
  2. To establish Metrology Institute and to promulgate Metrology Law.
  3. To establish Intellectual Property (IP)office and to promulgate Intellectual Property Law.
  4. To develop ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratories , to establish laboratory network and to promote proficiency testing services of laboratory technicians .
  5. To implement research and development for Renewable Energy, Electronic Technology, Chemical Technology and Materials.
  6. To implement research and development for Biotechnological on the practical application on Rural development sector, food safety sector and environmental conservation sector.
  7. To implement nuclear research activities that apply effectively for development in food and agriculture, industry, health and environment sectors.
  8. To research and explore valuable materials from Natural resources .
  9. To conduct seminars, workshops, knowledge sharing , maintenance and information services  for the development of Science, Technology and Innovation.

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